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December, 2019

Time To Toss The Ouch Out Of Shoulder Impingement

best hospitals for shoulder pain cure in bangalore

Overview of treatment options for Shoulder Impingement 

Also known as Subacromial Impingement Painful Arc Syndrome or Rotator Cuff Tendinitis Shoulder Impingement is one of the most common causes of shoulder pain caused due to repetitive compression or "impingement" of rotator cuff between the humerus (upper arm bone) & the scapula ( shoulder blade). This usually happens as a result of shoulder damage from unexpected falls or extensive weight lifting, extreme sports, or awkward motion of the arm. The inflammation within the joint usually causes pain & the small blood vessels undergo a great deal of pressure from the swelling. Pain may worsen when left untreated & even result in a rotator cuff tear. There are treatment options that can eliminate or reduce your pain to a great extent that can be devised with the help of a physical therapist.

Treatment options for shoulder impingement

Depending on how severe the case may be, there are several treatment options available.

The orthopaedist will look for non-surgical methods before opting for surgery.

  • Non-surgical treatment:

  • Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medicines

  • Simple analgesics & Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medicines (NSAIDs) for reducing pain.

  • Physical Therapy:

Formal physical therapy, if symptoms continue despite the initial treatment, to assist in lessening inflammation & pain through ultrasound, electrical stimulation or other modalities. Physical therapy treatment would consist of postural strengthening, isotonic exercises of periscapular & rotator cuff strengthening & isometrics as part of shoulder-strengthening program, especially for athletes. This is particularly important for young athletes as impingement symptoms usually involve underlying instability.

Steroid Injection:

A cortisone injection into the subacromial bursa to reduce inflammation which serves as a steroid treatment for reducing inflammation & pain caused by shoulder impingement. The good news is it won’t hurt much.

Stem Cell Treatment:

Adult stem cells from adipose (fatty) tissue & bone marrow are harvested then consolidated & prepared for injection into the damaged areas of the shoulder. In most cases, only partial rotator cuff injuries are perfect candidates for stem cell treatment of worn & torn tissues & ligaments.

Surgical Treatment

When non-surgical treatment is ineffective, surgery may be suggested to correct underlying structural or anatomic abnormalities causing the impingement.

Shoulder Arthroscopy:

By using a specially-designed arthroscopy, rotator cuff tendinitis can be treated. It works through very small incisions with minimum discomfort & reduces the recovery time without the need for a hospital stay.

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