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The name Sakra is derived from two words that have significant reflection of our vision and mission. One of them is a Japanese word ‘Sakura’, the name that is given to cherry blossom. It has a beautiful and symbolic representation of beauty, combined with proactive energy, hope and good health. It is also the national flower of Japan. The other word is ‘Sacrum’, which happens to be the last bone of the vertebral column and the one that supports and plays an important part in maintaining the structure and well being of the human body.

The four petal logo was designed as the representation of the softness and approachability of the brand. It is an extension of the Sakura flower’s metaphor and symbolism. The four petals signify the combination of core values that Sakra embodies with, in which strength and energy is the key point. The complete logo unit portrays the quality of care, nurturing and empathy.

Sakra is derived from


Last Bone of the vertebral column


Cherry blossom, National Flower of Japan

Another facet of the symbolic significance of the Sakra logo is the representation of the various inherent qualities of the human body which are essential for its well being through each colour in the logo. They are:


Coral representing happiness, youthfulness and awareness


Mauve representing immunity, relief and serenity


Orchid representing empathy, patience and commitment


Teal representing healing, calmness and relaxation
Logo of Sakra World Hospital - Multispeciality hospital in Bangalore

These are the values that Sakra aspires to provide with to every single person who walks into our space.

The pillars of Sakra

The pillars of Sakra encompass the factors that play an important role in the quality of services that we provide. These are the core values that support Sakra as a trustable and reliable force. They are skilled, technologically advanced, honest, and have a family atmosphere. These values together constitute Sakra, and make us more than just a brand, but as the cumulative experience to all the patients who interact with us. Every little touch-point of Sakra delivers the brand’s promise and the brand experience.

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