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In the recent past, we have come across that our Sakra World Hospital’s name is being misused to present and disseminate misleading information with regard to ‘Sale of Kidney for Consideration’ at our Sakra World Hospital in several electronic and social media platforms like Webpage, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other media.

Sakra World Hospital is deeply concerned about this kind of fraudulent use of Hospital’s name and logo by unscrupulous and unethical individuals who deliberately abuse the trust of Sakra World Hospital and its Patients and well-wishers around the World.

We are concerned that, the imposters may use Sakra World Hospital’s name and credibility to solicit members of the public via websites, e-mails and phone calls seeking money by sharing and transmitting baseless, incorrect and unsubstantiated information about Sakra World Hospital.

Hence, we take this opportunity to alert the public in general with a view to ensure that, innocent victims should not be lured or trapped by relying these kind of misleading and fraudulent posts. Further, we inform the public that we at Sakra World Hospital have taken warranted measures to report these incidents to Cyber Crime Authorities seeking their support to trace the individuals who are responsible for these acts and subject them to appropriate legal course of action. This is to warn that, the fraudster who is dealing with the illegal activities with regard to sale of human organs will be punishable under ‘The Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act, 1994’.

“Please be advised that websites, e-mails, Whats App messages, and phone calls offering Sale of Kidney or any other organs at our Sakra World Hospital are absolutely untrue, fabricated and fraudulent which are circulated only with a view to tarnish the image and reputation of Sakra World Hospital and criminally exploit innocent people”.

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