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At Sakra, we do not differentiate between nationalities and religion. We believe in creating a family and not just another hospital. Being ethical, passionate, caring and supportive are the primary traits of “The Sakra Culture”.

This culture embodies people across India and Japan, with varied cultural backgrounds. They have created a healthy working environment, which aids an innovative approach to developing ideas and processes. Our promoters have strictly implemented the idea of Free Communication. It encourages people to voice their opinions without any hesitation. In addition to that; family gatherings, off-site meetings and festival celebrations are a few examples of several regular breaks from the daily routine.

We also promise fabulous career development opportunities. The plan is to have a chain of hospitals across India. It will create an excellent environment and growth path for each committed individual. Together we can build a devoted group of hospitals.

Why Join Sakra ?

Our team comprises of an enthusiastic high-energy talent pool. We believe that recruiting great people and providing an amazing culture, and enabling innovation is the key to achieve sustained success. We also believe in celebrating the diversity of our people and recognizing that everyone has different needs.

At Sakra World Hospital, we aspire to build a company where ordinary people achieve extraordinary results. Working together as a team, we bring great ideas to life and achieve exceptional results beyond our individual capabilities.

We would operate with the most experienced and hardworking medical staff, who are united in their mission to provide the best care to patients and their families to enhance the value for human life.

We are looking for talented and dedicated professionals who will join us in making every effort to sustain our world-class standard for health care. Begin your journey with Sakra World Hospital to embark on a challenging and meaningful career.

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