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December, 2019

Replacing Joints, Restoring Lives

knee replacement surgery in bangalore

Medically known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder is a condition that severely limits your motions as the tissues in the shoulder joints become thicker with time & develop scar tissue.

Frozen Shoulder Symptoms: Main Signs and Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder

1. Stiffness in & around the shoulder 
2. Muscle, joint & bone pain in & around the shoulders or arms 
3. Limited range of motion 
4. Trouble moving the shoulders or arms normally

Frozen Shoulder causes: 

1. Age: This condition often affects people between the ages of 40 - 70. 
2. Injury / Surgery: Recovery from an injury or surgery that limits the normal range of motion of the shoulder & arm such as cervical disc disease or a stroke that affects the nerves in the shoulder. Open heart & spinal surgeries also affect the shoulder. 
3. Hormonal Imbalances 
4. Inflammatory conditions: Some pre-existing inflammatory medical conditions like heart disease or diabetes may also cause frozen shoulder.

Diagnosis of a frozen shoulder is done with patients age, medical history, onset, nature etc. The clinical examination to confirm a frozen shoulder is relativity simple.

Frozen Shoulder treatments:

  1. Medication: Pain & inflammation associated with frozen shoulder can be reduced with pain relievers.

  2. Therapy: Range-of-motion exercises to help recover as much mobility in your shoulder as possible can be learned in rehabilitation & therapy.

  3. Surgical Procedures: If conventional methods do not work, surgery may be the last option.

The Department of Orthopedics at SAKRA World Hospital is one among the best hospitals in Bangalore for shoulder pain & frozen shoulder-related problems. Our doctors believe in providing a holistic treatment & provide a diagnosis that is beneficial in the long term.



Dr Banarji B.H

Senior Consultant - Orthopedics

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