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December, 2019

Bid Adieu To Shoulder Pain

best shoulder specialists in bangalore

Living in pain can be excessively tolling not just on a person but also those around them. It ruins the spirit of life & puts a dark cloud over you. As much as it is advised to stay fit as a fiddle, shoulder pain & shoulder injuries are too common these days. However, it is quite rare when the complainants actually do something about it & seek out a treatment plan, carrying on the misery of the pain without any plan of tackling it. In the bleak moment, SAKRA World Hospital is here to lend a hand to the suffering lot.

SAKRA World Hospital sets itself apart by achieving the highest standards in patient care & medical services. The hospital has some of the best shoulder specialists in Bangalore who are well-versed & equipped to diagnose & manage all problems related to shoulder pain. 

Shoulder Arthroplasty / Shoulder Joint Replacement

When shoulder pain from severe joint damage is not managed by non-surgical treatments, shoulder arthroplasty is an option. The ends of the humerus and scapula found in the shoulder joints are either replaced or capped with plastic and metal and are cemented. The different types of procedures in shoulder joint replacement are: 

Total Shoulder Replacement

A refined metal ball connected with the stem and socket is used to replace the surfaces of the injured joints.

Stemmed Hemiarthroplasty

A metal ball and stem are replaced at the head of the humerus.

Resurfacing Hemiarthroplasty

A stemless cap-like prosthesis is used as the replacement of the humerus head's joint.

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Interchanging of the socket and metal ball.

These procedures are performed if the patient suffers from Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rotator Cuff Arthropathy and Osteonecrosis.

The team of doctors at SAKRA Hospital aim to serve their patients with utmost care and attention. They value a stress-free and peaceful environment for the patients to ensure quicker healing & better quality of medical care.



Dr Banarji B.H

Senior Consultant - Orthopedics

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