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12th Mar 2024

Reflections on the First 100 Robotic Surgeries: Advancing Surgical Precision with the da Vinci Robot

As a team specializing in complex liver, hepatobiliary pancreatic, upper GI, colorectal, hernia, and...

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24th May 2023

How Robotic Surgery is Transforming GI Cancer Treatment

GI cancer stands for gastrointestinal cancer, which refers to a group of cancers that affect the dig...

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27th Apr 2023

How to Treat Fatty Liver

Fatty liver, also known as hepatic steatosis, is a condition where excess fat accumulates in the liv...

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13th Mar 2023

POEM Procedure (Per-Oral Endoscopic Myotomy)

Treatment for swallowing disorders caused by muscular issues, including esophageal spasms, involves ...

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06th Mar 2023

Liver Transplantation Simplified

Liver transplantation is recommended for people with end-stage liver disease or acute liver failure....

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06th Apr 2021

Inguinal Herniotomy

What is an Inguinal Hernia? A hernia may...

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27th Jul 2020

Living Safely Through Covid-19 Pandemic With Hepatitis

With Covid-19 outbreak, we are living through a tough time like no other. The deadly virus ...

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28th May 2020

How COVID-19 affects the Gastrointestinal System?

Ever since the outbreak of Coronavirus reported from China back in December 2019, it has sp...

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22nd Nov 2019

Understanding Bariatric surgery

The increased economic growth has brought prosperity no doubt but has also resulted in a hi...

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26th Jun 2017

Acute Pancreatitis- 8 important things you should know

1. What is Acute Pancreatitis? Acute pan...

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