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March, 2017

Blossoming on wheels!

Best Maternity Hospital in Bangalore - Sakra World Hospital

0n 14th Feb 2017, while Sakra World Hospital was launching its new comprehensive maternity program – Birth and Blossom, one of their trained nursing staff was doing a miraculous emergency delivery in an ambulance. It was around 3 PM when patient - Ms. Smita (name changed) called the emergency of Sakra World Hospital complaining of pain abdomen and vomiting. An ambulance was immediately sent to the address with a nurse on board to assist the patient. As soon as they reached and examined the lady it was found that she being full term pregnant, was in labor and needed to be transferred to the hospital immediately. It was barely 10 months since they had left for the hospital when the nurse observed that the baby was crowning and she might deliver before they reached the hospital. Assessing the situation the nurse (Madhu Kumar) took the courageous decision to stop the ambulance and deliver the baby with the best possible resources available. He updated the hospital immediately and another ambulance with a doctor and some more essential supplies was immediately dispatched from the hospital. Meanwhile with constant telephonic support from the team at hospital and with the help of the husband and mother in law, Madhu prepared to deliver the baby in the ambulance. He performed the entire procedure with immense courage and confidence, and considering the situation he did a commendable job using every resource in the most efficient way possible. At the end of 45 minutes when the ambulances arrived at the hospital the baby and the mother were safely moved in and admitted at Sakra World Hospital. 


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