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February, 2015

A sore shoulder can be serious

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Shoulder joint complex is a combination of several joints that combine with tendons and muscles to allow a wide range of motion in the arm — from scratching your back to throwing a jawline. Any problem in the shoulder joint complex can be disturbing. The pain may be temporary or continuous and require medical diagnosis and treatment.

Most common shoulder problems fall into four major categories:

  1. Tendon/bursal problems

  2. Instability

  3. Arthritis

  4. Capsule problems

Bursa, afluid filled sac, which act as a cushion between the bones and the muscles. Excessive use of shoulder leads to inflammation of this sac.

Tendinitis- Tendon is a chord like structure that connects muscle to bone, inflammation of this chord can happen acutely after a strenuous workout or after acute calcium deposits or chronic tendinitis due to overuse, wear and tear, which can rupture after a small injury.

Shoulder Instability can occur when head of the arm bone comes out of the shoulder socket due to sudden injury. If the ligaments and capsule around the shoulder is loose or torn dislocation will happen frequently. Repeated episodes of such dislocations can be harmful to surrounding structures and may lead to arthritis, if not treated.

Arthritis also called wear and tear of the shoulder joint, can be due to several causes such as old age, untreated muscle tendon tears, instability, old sepsis or inflammation in the joint. A completely arthritic joint is most painful condition and will require a joint replacement surgery.

Stiff shoulder (Frozen shoulder/ Adhesive capsulitis)- Cause for stiff shoulder can be injury , surgery, any inflammation in and around the joint, arthritis, rarely any malignancy surrounding the shoulder joint. This issue is generally resolved with medications and rehabilitation but some may need a keyhole surgery to release the tight covering of the joint.

Pain in the shoulder should not be taken lightly until and unless said normal by your doctor, as every pain in the body has a cause and a solution.



Dr Banarji B.H

Senior Consultant - Orthopedics

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