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ENT Specialist in Bangalore

Dr. Shantanu is running one of the country’s few state-of-the-art Voice Clinics consisting of Video Endoscopes, Stroboscopic Examination Units, Computer Voice Analysis, etc. He is also using the newest technologies to do a wide variety of endoscopic sinus surgeries, and surgeries for snoring problems, apart from treating all routine ENT problems. He aims to continue teaching junior ENT Surgeons, and with time, start a formal teaching program.

Dr. Shantanu works closely with his team of audiologists and speech pathologists to diagnose and treat hearing problems in all age groups, childhood development disorders and is skilled at a wide variety of ear and mastoid surgeries as well. He started this department with a vision to make it one of the foremost minimally invasive ENT Centres and also a hub for dedicated voice care.
He completed his basic medical training including MBBS and M.S. (ENT) from Sion Hospital and Medical College, Mumbai, one of the busiest hospitals in the country. He then honed his skills in advanced endoscopic sinus surgery and also surgeries of the skull base. He later joined as an Asst. Professor at the renowned St Johns Medical College Hospital in Bangalore. A passionate teacher, he was a co-guide for many DNB and M.S. students. He was instrumental in running specialty clinics dealing with voice disorders, sleep apnea, and nasal allergies. He has also authored many papers for a variety of national and international journals.

It was a strong interest in voice problems and a lack of skilled specialists in India which led him to complete a fellowship in Laryngology from the USA. He is trained in laser surgeries of the larynx, specialized care of voice professionals, Neuro-laryngology and of,fice-based laryngeal procedures at some of the premier institutions in the USA, including Harvard Medical School, Boston, University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Vanderbilt University, Nashville.

Since returning to India, he has been creating awareness and treating professional voice users such as singers, theater artists, teachers, call center employees, etc. Dr. Shantanu has also been one of the few surgeons to start sialo-endoscopic surgery, state-of-the-art technology for salivary gland disorders. He continues to pursue his interest in endoscopically treating a variety of nasal, paranasal sinus, orbital, and skull base pathologies.
  • Voice Disorders & Phonosurgeries
  • Pediatric ENT Problems
  • Allergy & Sinusitis Care
  • Snoring & Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  • Minimally Invasive Skull Base Surgery
  • Tracheal and Upper Airway Reconstruction
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sinusitis or sinus infection is a condition in which the flow of air in and out of the sinus or nasal passages is blocked.

Various factors can cause sinusitis, but it is a result when the fluid is trapped in the sinuses and fuels the growth of germs such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and pollutants.

The symptoms of Sinusitis are a blocked nose, facial pain, and pressure, nasal discharge, reduced sense of smell, congestion, cough, fever, headache, and tiredness.

No, but many factors such as allergies and fever affect the sinuses.

Chronic sinusitis is a condition that occurs when the spaces inside your nose and head are inflamed and swollen for a longer time, despite treatment.

Sinusitis is prone to people with deviated nasal septum and allergies, especially when allergies are untreated, it increases the risk of sinusitis or sinus infection.

We can cure predisposing conditions if we know what is causing the sinus infection, based on which then long-term solution/medication is recommended.

Sinus surgery is recommended when adequate medications like antibiotics have failed to cure your sinus condition.

Sinus surgery is not painful; usually, it takes 15 to 20 minutes or sometimes 3hrs surgery based on your sinus condition.

Sinus Infection may spread to the brain, eyes, etc which may be dangerous and lead to chronic rhinosinusitis, meningitis, brain abscess, or other extra-sinus complications. Therefore, it is better to treat sinusitis with medical management as early as possible.

The early measures to be taken care of at home are steaming 2-3 times, hydration, and taking care of allergies to avoid any complications.

One of the new procedures available that will cure sinusitis faster is Balloon sinuplasty. 
Balloon sinuplasty is a type of endoscopic nasal surgery that uses small balloon catheters that inflate to drain the large nasal sinuses. 

The benefits of Balloon sinuplasty are lesser bleeding, short hospital stay, faster recovery, and no intended damage to the nasal tract.

Do not ignore it. Follow basic solutions like steaming, and medications and clear the sinuses with oils.

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