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About Us

Sakra Institute of Neurosciences aims at fostering talent and collaboration among people with a passion for understanding the complex nature of the nervous system and applying this knowledge to enhance human health and quality of life. The institute has made significant advancements and is completely equipped in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of the whole spectrum of neurosurgical disorders.

“SAKRA Neurosciences” brings together the best specialists with the cutting edge skills, dedicated to continuous improvement of outcomes, academics research and commitment to advance medical practice.

“SAKRA Neurosciences” is the culmination of a dream of several specialists who have ethically and transparently put in their best for their patients.

Our team of neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuroradiologists, neuroanaesthetists, neuropathologist and Neuro-rehab departments are at your service to help your patients during their difficult times.

All these are backed by our investment in state-of-the-art medical technology, integrated modular operating theatres, a fully equipped in-house laboratory and Imaging Services.

Through the SAKRA foundation & other NGO’s along with our subsidised general wards we have the satisfaction of helping several poor patients and their families through their surgeries without burdening them financially. Our aim is to deliver cost effective medical care in Neurosciences.

Courses offered

  • DNB Neurosurgery
  • Fellowship- Neuroanesthesia
  • Sakra spine fellowship
  • AO spine fellowship centre

Why Choose Sakra For Neurosciences?

Sakra Centre for Neurosciences is an integrated institute with a dedicated team of doctors with the latest technology, which provides a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary care for disorders of brain and spine. Led by a team of highly qualified Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Interventional Neuroradiologist and other disciplines provide the best possible care for patients.

Among the innovative technologies being introduced by Sakra Neurosciences include Neuro Navigation system, Biplane Hybrid OT, Endoscopic Neurosurgery theatre, Spine Surgery theatre with image guidance and the capability for Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery as well as Epilepsy Surgery procedures.

The Neuro centre has facilities for emergency services for the management of acute Neurological disorders, advanced Neuroimaging techniques (a 3 Tesla MRI, 128 slice CT scan), dedicated Neurosurgery and Neurology ICUs.

The department is always committed to help any needy patient requiring our services irrespective of any status, religion or nationality to avail themselves of top notch neurosurgical care.

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