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Treatment and Causes of Facial Nerve Palsy

About Facial Palsy

Facial palsy, also known as facial paralysis, is a condition characterized by the paralysis or weakness of the muscles responsible for facial expression and function. It occurs as a result of damage or disease affecting the Facial nerve, which controls the movement of the facial muscles.

Causes of Facial nerve palsy

Diagnosis of Facial nerve palsy

The investigations required for diagnosis may include captivating tests like

CT scan of the Head

MRI of Head


Nerve conduction studies

Treatment of Facial nerve palsy


The course of treatment depends on various factors, with the primary determinant being the duration since the injury occurred. If the patient seeks medical attention within the initial year of injury, a straightforward surgical intervention such as primary nerve repair or employing nerve grafts and transfers can be pursued.


However, for patients who arrive later (beyond 2 years post-injury), alternative options like Labbe's repair or Free functioning muscle transfer utilizing the Gracilis muscle become viable choices.


During your consultation, your surgeon will engage in a comprehensive discussion to assess the injury's status and provide precise details on the recommended surgical approach tailored specifically to your needs.

Role of Physiotherapy in the Treatment of Facial Nerve Palsy

  • Physiotherapy stands as a paramount pillar in the comprehensive treatment of Facial palsy, encompassing both pre-and post-operative care to uphold optimal muscle tone. Remarkably, certain patients, such as those grappling with Bell's palsy or partial injuries, may find solace solely in the transformative powers of physiotherapy.
  • At Sakra World Hospital, our esteemed department of physiotherapy and rehabilitation stands among the nation's finest, boasting a team of dedicated experts, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech & language therapists. Here, unparalleled care awaits, tailored precisely to the unique needs of each facial palsy patient.

Goals of Facial Nerve Palsy Treatment

The main objective of facial palsy treatment is to restore facial muscle function. This involves focusing on two essential functions:

Restoring eye closure
Restoring eye closure

Ensure proper closing of the eyes for
protection and normal blinking.

Restoring smile
Restoring smile

Enable a natural and symmetrical smile, enhancing facial expression and emotional communication.

Understanding the most advanced treatment of Facial Palsy at Sakra World Hospital

Sakra World Hospital has embraced the path of progress by integrating advanced systems to ensure precise and safe surgical procedures. Our skilled Plastic surgeons specialize in Facial Palsy procedures who prioritizing patient safety throughout the treatment. Moreover, our dedicated physiotherapy department is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, offering comprehensive pre-operative and post-operative support. Experience exceptional care and recovery as we combine expertise and technology for your well-being.

Our Doctors

Dr. Rajendra S Gujjalanavar

Dr. Rajendra Gujjalanavar is a highly regarded plastic surgeon in Bangalore, specializing in cosmetic surgery such as facial procedures, body and breast aesthetic surgeries, and genital rejuvenation. He is also an expert in advanced techniques like Lymphedema super microsurgery, craniofacial and maxillofacial surgery, post-cancer reconstruction, Brachial plexus, and peripheral nerve injury repair. Additionally, he has a strong interest in Pediatric plastic surgery, hand surgery, Diabetic foot reconstruction, and Post-burn reconstruction.

Dr. Rajendra is a dedicated professional committed to achieving excellence in treating Facial Palsy. His meticulous attention to detail, combined with his expertise in enhancing natural beauty through subtle refinements, enables him to deliver exceptional results and help you achieve transformative outcomes.

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Our services include a range of aesthetic treatments for the face, breasts, and body. We also offer procedures for

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sakra World Hospital's exceptional Facial Palsy Treatment team, led by a renowned Consultant Plastic Surgeon, combines the expertise of brilliant Ophthalmologists, skilled Oculoplastic Surgeons, talented Speech Therapists, compassionate Clinical Psychologists, and dedicated Physiotherapists, ensuring comprehensive care and stunning outcomes.

Botox injections are a beneficial addition to facial palsy treatment. They can help fix small differences in appearance and irregular muscle movements, providing a simple yet effective solution to restore balance and improve facial symmetry.

Facial palsy cases in their early stages can be treated with primary repair, nerve grafts, or nerve transfers. However, individuals who have experienced the condition for a prolonged period, such as 2 years, may need a daycare procedure called gold weight insertion. This involves implanting specialized gold weights into the upper eyelids to assist in achieving proper eye closure and address inadequate eye function.