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October, 2018

Testimonial for Dr. Sapna N

Testimonial for Dr. Sapna N

Special thanks to the team for giving us successful results for the 8 years of ...


June, 2018

Gynecologist in Bangalore

Testimonials by Naveen Kumar.R

I am very happy with the support and the way things were taken care of. ...


May, 2017

Best Maternity Service in Bangalore

My pregnancy and delivery experience has been awesome

I believe that these 9 months are very precious and one always wants them the ...

Treatment: Pregnancy Care and Delivery

Patient Name: Ms. Goldie Srivastava

Testimonials By: Mr. Sachin Srivastava

Location: Bangalore


March, 2017

Dr. Prabha - Best Gynaecologist in Bangalore at Sakra World Hospital

Thank you Dr Prabha We are pleased with your professional service.

I am glad to know Dr. Prabha and would like to share my experience. I ...

Treatment: Pregnancy Care

Patient Name: Chaitra B.V

Location: Bangalore


July, 2016

 Dr. Prabha the Best Gynaecologist in Bangalore

Excellent- Many thanks. Dr. Prabha you are a true professional

Excellent- Many thanks. Dr. Prabha you are a professional and you understand your patient so ...

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