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May, 2017

My pregnancy and delivery experience has been awesome

Best Maternity Service in Bangalore

I believe that these 9 months are very precious and one always wants them the best as anything can go wrong at any point. So it is very helpful at this time to have good support, especially on the healthcare front especially from the doctors. Certainly, one has multiple options to select from, to go to any kind of facilities available in the city and we are happy we chose Sakra World Hospital for our baby’s arrival. The reason was very simple - I had really good feedback for the facility as well as the doctor and our experience was also amazing when we visited the hospital for the first time. When we met ;Dr Chitra we were pretty confident from the first consultation itself that we are in the right hands. Theses 9 months are definitely not easy and it has almost been a roller coaster with so many ups and downs and mostly downs. We used to panic and would get depressed at times and that is when the immense support from the doctor and her team made us feel most comfortable. So our overall experience has been very good as we have always got all the care, attention and proper treatment at all time.

“My experience has been awesome. The services have been very nice, everyone from the housekeeping to the nursing staff has been very kind and helpful. The doctors are amazing and give a lot of confidence and have a very positive attitude, Dr Anju Namashivaya from Fetal Medicine has always given wonderful advice during all the scans and even if there were any ups and downs she would handle the situation so well and would never let us panic. Dr Chitra certainly is an amazing doctor and even 5 minutes with her can make you feel so much at ease and she gives support at every step throughout the pregnancy. We feel really grateful that we chose to deliver at Sakra World Hospital.”  Ms Goldie Srivastava

Treatment Undergone: Pregnancy Care and Delivery

Patient Name: Ms. Goldie Srivastava

Testimonials By: Mr. Sachin Srivastava

Location: Bangalore

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