March, 2017

Thank you Dr Prabha We are pleased with your professional service.

Dr. Prabha - Best Gynaecologist in Bangalore at Sakra World Hospital

I am glad to know Dr. Prabha and would like to share my experience. I know Dr. Prabha since mid of 2015 when I first went to her for a check-up she was polite, took time to explain us things and gave us the moral support throughout my pregnancy period, she always addressed our concerns patiently, be it when we visited her in person or through messages and emails, she has always responded to my messages and emails.

I would like to thank Dr.Prabha and her team at Sakra. the nursing staff are very Polite and humble, We are pleased with your professional service.

"At Sakra, the 'Women and child care department', has set the bar very high in patient care and the treatment."


Thank you Dr. Prabha. All the best!!


Treatment Undergone: Pregnancy Care

Patient Name: Chaitra B.V

Location: Bangalore

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