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Best Neuro Treatment in India

The Department of Neurology at Sakra Institute of Neurosciences, recognized as the Best Neurology Hospital in Bangalore, offers patients, one of the most experienced and comprehensive teams of neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-anesthetists, neuro-rehabilitation (physiotherapists), neuro-radiologists and neuro-nurses to provide patient-focused, world-class medical care for the entire spectrum of neurological diseases. Our team with a combined experience of 30 years has delivered more than 40,000 surgeries successfully to date. The Department of Neurology collaborates with experts of other specialists to provide you with comprehensive care and treatment. Our best neurologist in Bangalore at Sakra will plan the best treatment for you to keep you well.
What makes Sakra different from other medical centers?

The department of Neurology at Sakra World Hospital integrates compassionate care with state-of-the-art technologies. Our expert subspecialty care is aided by the latest medical technology, from life-saving intervention for acute brain trauma to skillful management of chronic illnesses of the nervous system.
A highly specialized team approach

We believe that the best results stem from comprehensive neurological care, involving a team of experts from many areas of neurology. Therefore, our team consists of specially trained personnel in dealing with the removal of brain tumors, and treatment of various neurovascular diseases, trauma, and other complex conditions requiring surgical intervention. We are also constantly in the process of developing promising protocols for neurological diseases that are otherwise extremely difficult to treat with conventional therapies.
Specialty outpatient facilities

We provide three programs in specialty outpatient facilities which include the following:

  • Epilepsy comprehensive program involves dealing with stroke, movement disorders, headache, vertigo, and neuromuscular disorders. We also provide services for pediatric care and epilepsy which is unique to Sakra.
  • Clinical neurophysiology program includes epilepsy monitoring that is carried out in both ways, short-term and long-term. Along with this, we also carry out electroencephalography, electroneuromyography, and botox for headaches, movement disorders, and cerebral palsy.
  • Intra-operative neuro electrophysiology involves electrocorticography, cortical stimulation, and invasive subdural and depth electrode placement for refractory epilepsy.
Neuro-intensive care

Our neuro-intensive care program is a multidisciplinary program dedicated to treating patients with the most severe and acute neurological diseases. Our qualified team of critical care professionals provides treatment for patients with intracranial haemorrhage, subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAV), and cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT).

The neuro-rehabilitation team at Sakra plays a key role in providing specialist rehabilitation and management services for patients with neurological conditions. Our goal is to offer our patients efficient and comprehensive neurological rehabilitation that will enable them to live as independently as possible.

Sakra is home to one of the country’s leading neurology programs, with an expert team of top neurosurgeons who offer the latest neurological care, including tests, treatments, and rehabilitation.

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At Sakra, we have a team of top Neurologists in Marathahalli, committed to providing comprehensive care to patients suffering from neurological disorders. Book an online appointment to consult our best neurologist near Marathahalli and get personalized advice on choosing the best treatment for your health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Migraine is a neurological condition characterised by episodes of headaches caused by certain changes in the brain. It is a neurological disorder caused by changes in the brain's neuro-vascular systems.

1. Migraine with Aura (Complicated Migraine)
2. Migraine without Aura (Common Migraine)
3. Migraine Without Head Pain
4. Hemiplegic Migraine
5. Retinal Migraine
6. Chronic Migraine
7. Ice Pick Headaches
8. Cluster Headaches
9. Cervicogenic headache

There are many triggers identified for migraines. It is basically due to a change in the brain's electrical activity. The entity called cortical spreading depression (sudden electrical activity change in the brain) spreads from the dorsal part of the brain to the frontal part causing secondary changes like activation of other nerve circuits and pain pathways in the brain, this causes the phenomenon called Migraine.

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