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Sakra Department of Neuromuscular Clinic

Sakra Neuromuscular Clinic

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1. What the clinic is all about?

This is the first of its kind in a private hospital setup which provides comprehensive care from diagnosis to management of all types of neuromuscular diseases. There are only three to four such comprehensive clinics in the entire country. The idea is to promote our hospital as a nodal quaternary referral center in the field of neuromuscular diseases.

2. What is Neuromuscular disease (in layman’s terms)?

Neuromuscular diseases is a broad sub specialty in Neurology that deals with all the diseases affecting your nerves and muscles. The commonest symptoms which indicate that your nerves/ muscles are affected include Tingling & Burning sensation, Numbness, pain / cramps/ stiffness in muscles, excessive tiredness, weakness or wasting of the muscles

3. Why is this specialty so rare, especially in a metro city like Bangalore?

There is a stigma among the patients and sometimes even among the physicians that neuromuscular diseases are untreatable which is entirely a wrong understanding. There are numerous neuromuscular diseases which can be given exclusive management and we have made patients who were wheel chair bound to even run.

4. What services does the clinic offer?

The clinic offers patient evaluation by two experienced neuromuscular specialists. Advanced electrophysiology studies like NCS, EMG, RNS, EPs are available. We also provide latest treatments with dedicated physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Genetic testing with genetic counselling also forms an integral part of the clinic

Neuromuscular diseases can co-exist with other lifestyle diseases. We don't let them go unnoticed.

Sakra World Hospital presents, the region's most advanced Comprehensive Neuromuscular Centre.

List of diseases:

1. Radiculopathies due to spine pathologies

2. Diabetic / traumatic plexopathy

3. Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS)


5. Multifocal motor neuropathy with conduction block (MMNCB) etc.,

1. Polyneuropathy

2. Mononeuritis simplex and multiplex

3. Carpal tunnel syndrome/ entrapment neuropathies

4. Charcot marie tooth disease

5. demyelinating peripheral neuropathies etc.,

1. Myasthenia gravis

2. Botulinium poisoning

3. Lambert Eaton

4. Congenital myasthenic syndromes etc.,

1. Inflammatory myositis

2. hIBM/sIBM

3. Metabolic muscle diseases like hypothyroidism etc.

4. Muscular dystrophies

5. Myopathies

6. Mitochondrial diseases etc.,

Tingling & Burning sensation


Pain / spasm / rigidity in muscles


Weakness in muscles

Wasting of muscles

Drooping of eyelids

Swallowing / speech difficulty

Frequent buckling / falls

Contractures of joints

Genetic diseases, testing and counselling

Pediatric neuromuscular diseases

Certain diseases like myasthenia gravis, GBS are neurological emergencies

Neuromuscular diseases can also be diagnosed by testing the levels of various chemicals and antigens in the blood, and using electrodiagnostic medicine tests like

Electromyography (EMG)

Nerve conduction studies (NCS)

Repetitive nerve stimulation (RNS)

sfEMG (Single fiber EMG)

VEP, SSEP, BERA (associated tests) and sometimes genetic testing

Various medications ranging from IVIG, Plasma exchange, Rituximab, Azathioprine, MMF, Methotrexate, Cyclophosphamide, steroids, pyridostigmine/ neostigmine etc.,

Symptomatic relief is from drugs like Pregabalin, Gabapentin, Amitriptline, Nortriptline, NSAIDS etc. are available


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Sakra world hospital located in Bangalore is offering world-class treatments and facilities for a wide range of neuromuscular diseases at an affordable cost. Book an appointment with us now for Neuromuscular Disorders Treatment in Marathahalli.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the primary neurology problems are related to the Central nervous system, including Brain and Spinal cord. Some of the disorders are Headaches, Stroke, Injury to the spinal cord, and multiple sclerosis.

The common symptoms of neuromuscular disorders, regardless of age are Double vision, droopy of the eye, intermittent drooping of the eye, change in voice, difficulty in swallowing, and speech, persistent hoarse voice, fluctuation in the way you talk, weakness of head and neck, difficulty in climbing steps, performing day-to-day activities, tingling or numbness, pain or weakness in muscles.

  • Electrical test or nerve conduction studies
  • Electromyography
  • Blood test
  • Biopsies
  • Genetic test

Neuromuscular disorders can coexist with other disorders as the nerve is connected to all parts of the body such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, urinary, visual system, and hearing.

Peripheral neuropathy is the most common neuromuscular disorder.

It depends on your age, diabetic condition, back pain, severe muscle weakness, and it could be spondylosis. If you are under medication for cholesterol on a higher dose, due to muscle pain or the onset of neuromuscular diseases like myopathy and inflammatory condition in the muscle.

It is clearly a peripheral nerve problem, typically sciatica pain which is a part of the neuromuscular problem. It may be caused due to compression in the spine.

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