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September, 2014

Least Invasive Heart Surgery

Least Invasive Heart Surgery | Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery Hospital In Bangalore, India - Sakra World Hospital

Technology has always made healthcare easier and more accessible to the masses. Keeping up with the trend of innovation in healthcare, the latest advent in cardiac surgery is the Least Invasive Surgery. In conventional open-heart surgery, the surgeon makes an incision in the chest and then spreads the ribs to expose the heart. This type of incision is called a sternotomy. However, in least invasive heart surgery, the surgeon makes a smaller incision in the chest. The aortic valve is located near the front of the chest. Surgeons may do this least invasive surgery in different ways. These variations include different ways to:

  • Bypass the heart with a heart-lung machine

  • Protect the heart during surgery

  • Make the incision in the chest to access the heart

Despite these variations, in all other ways the technique for replacing the aortic valve is the same in least invasive surgery as in conventional valve surgery.

What are the potential benefits of least invasive valve replacement surgery?

Less invasive surgery has several benefits over conventional valve replacement surgery. These benefits include:

  • Less blood loss during surgery

  • Reduced need for blood transfusions

  • Reduced chance of irregular heartbeat during surgery

  • Possibility of removing the breathing tube sooner after surgery

  • Less pain during recovery from surgery

  • Shorter hospital stay

  • A smaller scar

  • Lower risk of infection

  • Easier treatment in cases of infection

  • Quicker recovery and return to previous level of activity

  • Lower overall risk of complications, including death

Should I consider least invasive heart surgery?

While most surgeons worldwide are still working towards perfecting the least invasive surgery, here at Sakra World Hospital, our highly experienced cardiac experts provide you with all the information as well as support that you require during the procedure.

The cardiac experts at the Sakra world hospital such as senior cardiothoracic & vascular surgeon Dr. Adil Sadiq who is one of the few masters in this revolutionary procedure, ensure patients a better result and quicker recovery. For the first time in India, patients experience the precision of a least invasive surgery has added to ease through angioplasty procedures with the fastest recovery possible. Make the most of the least invasive surgery with Sakra experts. To know more visit bit.ly/cardiacsciences to make your heart a happy one.


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