January, 2015

Life Changing Cardiac LIS

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Gone are the days when a dreaded heart operation entailed cracking open your breastbone, and ensuing recovery took months.  Minimally invasive Cardiac surgery has changed all that.

Pioneering current day practice is Cardiac Least Invasive Surgery, or simply Cardiac LIS- the most advanced form of minimally invasive cardiac surgery, where not just the incision size small, but also the pain, blood loss, hospital stay and requirement for strong antibiotics, the least! All these added benefits lead to a recovery period, almost seven times faster compared to conventional heart surgery, and return to home as-early-as three days.

The ‘Key-hole’ access to the heart is facilitated by video-endoscopes, specialized instrumentation, three-dimensional projections, minimal tissue disruption and negligent blood loss. The cornerstone of success is a specially trained surgeon, skilled in robotic and least invasive surgery, andthe harmony that he shares with his equally skilled support team of doctors, nurses and technicians.

Housing the only Biplane Hybrid Catheterization Lab in the country, Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore, has the most advanced operating suite for all Cardiac LIS procedures, including multi-vessel Beating Heart Bypass surgery, Aortic valve replacements, Mitral and Tricuspid valve repairs or replacements, Closure of holes in the heart, Single-sitting combined angioplasty and surgical procedures.

Cardiac LIS has its limitations. Just like it cannot be done at all hospitals or by all surgeons, it is not applicable universally. Still almost 70% of all conventional cardiac operations can be done by the Cardiac LIS technique.

Twenty years ago, everybody was skeptical about a laparoscopic abdominal operation, when today it has become the rule. Cardiac LIS is at that same crossroad. It is the future of cardiac surgery, being performed in our hospital today!

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Dr. Adil Sadiq - Cardiac Surgeon in Marathahalli

Dr. Adil Sadiq
Senior Consultant & Head - Adult Cardiothoracic Surgery,
Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore

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