March, 2016

Blog on Shoulder Pain - Best Physiotherapy Treatment at Sakra World Hospital

Growing children to aged people- anyone can have shoulder pain

The shoulder is a complex ball and socket joint that is able to ...

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January, 2016

Blog on Panic Disorder and its Symptoms by Dr Sabina Rao - Dept of Psychiatry at Sakra World Hospital

Panic Disorder is common, treatable and does not have to be life long- Dr Sabina Rao

"I don't know Doc, everything is fine at home but I think something ...

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December, 2015

Blog on Mental Disorder and its Symptoms | Dr Sabina Roa - Dept of Psychiatry at Sakra Hospital

Are you suffering from a mental illness? Dr Sabina Rao tells you why there is nothing to be ashamed

Mental illness is in the list of top ten disorders that cause disability ...

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October, 2015

Trans Fat | How to Avoid Bad Cholesterol - Dr.Deepak Krishnamurthy | Cardiologist at Sakra World Hospital

Trans fat is double trouble for your heart health

Trans fat raises your LDL ("bad") cholesterol and lowers your HDL ("good") (HDL)cholesterol.

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October, 2015

Golden Hour After an Heart Attack | Dr Deepak Krishnamurthy | Hear Surgeon in India | Best Heart Hospital in Bangalore - Sakra World Hospital

Heart attack: The Golden Hour

The first hour after the onset of heart attack is called the golden ...

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