May, 2016

Sleep Apnea Treatment at Sakra World Hospital | Sleep disorders in adults | Cure snoring | Sleep Insomnia

10 facts about Snoring and Sleep Apnea you should know

A block of airflow through any part of the ...

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March, 2016

Blog on Depression | How to Overcome Depression | Best Psychiatric Treatments in Bangalore

“I am just having many bad days or could this be depression?”

Mr. R, 30 year old man came to see the psychiatrist after his ...

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March, 2016

Blog on Shoulder Pain - Best Physiotherapy Treatment at Sakra World Hospital

Growing children to aged people- anyone can have shoulder pain

The shoulder is a complex ball and socket joint that is able to ...

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January, 2016

Blog on Panic Disorder and its Symptoms by Dr Sabina Rao - Dept of Psychiatry at Sakra World Hospital

Panic Disorder is common, treatable and does not have to be life long- Dr Sabina Rao

"I don't know Doc, everything is fine at home but I think something ...

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December, 2015

Blog on Mental Disorder and its Symptoms | Dr Sabina Roa - Dept of Psychiatry at Sakra Hospital

Are you suffering from a mental illness? Dr Sabina Rao tells you why there is nothing to be ashamed

Mental illness is in the list of top ten disorders that cause disability ...

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