Internal Medicine


The Department of Internal Medicine (DoIM) at SAKRA remains a shining beacon, combining the proven and age-old values of clinical skills, efficient diagnosis, and domain expertise and These values combined with the use of the latest diagnostic tools and cutting-edge clinical pharmacology ensures a holistic approach to patient-care.


The holistic approach to patient-care of the DoIM encompasses the entire spectrum of patient-care like, preventive-care, acute-care, chronic-care, and palliative-care.


Dr. S. Manohar.

HOD& Director- Internal Medicine

Dr. Raghu J..

Senior Consultant - Internal Medicine

Dr. Subrata Das.

Senior Consultant - Internal Medicine & Diabetology

Dr. TR Hemkumar.

Consultant – Internal Medicine

Dr. Rekha Pradeep.

Senior Visiting Consultant - Internal medicine

Dr. Nagalakshmi.

Attending Consultant - Internal Medicine

Dr. Urvashi Jain.

Visiting Consultant - Internal Medicine


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