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April, 2017

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I strongly recommend Dr Chandrashekar for ACL problems

Hi, I am Vikalp, I got an injury in the month of July 2016 post...

Treatment: ACL Reconstruction

Patient Name: Mr. Vikalp


March, 2017

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Thank you Dr Prabha We are pleased with your professional

I am glad to know Dr. Prabha and would like to share my experience. I...

Treatment: Pregnancy Care

Patient Name: Chaitra B.V


March, 2017

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I would definitely recommend Dr. Adil Sadiq to anyone

My mother was facing dizziness and uneasiness for around a week before we reached out...

Treatment: CABG surgery – the LIS surgery

Patient Name: Ms. Shakuntla Rani

Testimonials By: Mr. Hitesh s/o Ms. Shakuntla Rani


March, 2017

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Special heartful thanks to Dr. Satish Rudrapa and Dr. Swaroop

Thought it is important to share this post as it might be helpful to anyone...

Treatment: Spine Surgery


March, 2017

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had i gone for regular checkups and properly managed my

“in 2007 I was diagnosed with hypertension during a regular health checkup. I was prescribed...

Treatment: Regular Health Checkup

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