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December, 2018

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Laser dentistry helped cure my dental problems

Mr. Shinji Miyamoto from Japan came to us with multiple dental troubles and under the...

Treatment: Laser dentistry

Patient Name: Mr Shinji Miyamoto

Testimonials By: Mr Shinji Miyamoto


November, 2018

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5 year old Kuhi Medhi gets a new lease on

We all know about how a mother's love can move mountains. In this case, her...


November, 2018

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A Young Boy Recovers From Epilepsy

In honour of National Epilepsy Day, we would like to shed some light on the...


November, 2018

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Before I came to Sakra World Hospital, I couldn't eat

On 4th November 2016, I had undergone a surgery for carotid body tumor. After the...


November, 2018

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Testimonials by Sindura

When we decided to go for IVF and when we came to know that Sakra...

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