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November, 2020

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Patient Testimonial- Narendra V.Iyer

The doctors and support staff at Sakra have been very co-operative from the beginning.

Patient Name: Narendra V.Iyer

Testimonials By: Narendra V.Iyer


November, 2020

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Patient Testimonial- Soumilk Dev

It was a good experience altogether it be the Dr.Srikanth B Shetty, as the staffs....

Patient Name: Soumilk Dev

Testimonials By: Soumilk Dev


September, 2020

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Kantilal Gangar Patient Testimonial

Greetings Sir,

At Sakra World Hospital I had a very pleasant time with doctors, nurses...

Patient Name: Kantilal Gangar

Testimonials By: Kantilal Gangar


September, 2020

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Testimonial On Left Optical Despicia Treatment

Mrs.Veena Leela M/o Sanjay speaks about how he suffered due to Left Optical Despicia and...

Treatment: Left Optical Despicia

Patient Name: Sanjay

Testimonials By: Mrs.Veena Leela M/o Sanjay


September, 2020

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Patient Testimonial On Conquering Epilepsy

Can epilepsy be cured permanently? Parvati shares her struggles and head problems due to conquering...

Treatment: Epilepsy

Patient Name: Parvati

Testimonials By: Parvati

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