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April, 2019

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Precise assessment and rapid response during emergency, saved us

Our sincere thanks to Dr. Prabha Ramakrishna and team for the safe delivery of our...


April, 2019

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I had difficulty opening my left eye.. thanks to Dr.

I have been visiting this hospital for last 5 yrs. for Preventive Health checkup. During...

Patient Name: Mr. P. Srinivasa Moorthy (Patient underwent Excision with local flap)

Testimonials By: Mr. P. Srinivasa Moorthy


March, 2019

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We appreciate the efforts taken by the Sakra team, for

We had a good experience with doctors, nursing and non-nursing staff for the services provided...

Patient Name: Mr. Mani Ram Sahu (Patient underwent Primary Angioplasty)

Testimonials By: Ms. Aarthi Rajendran


March, 2019

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I had multiple health issues .. but doctors were very

I was undergoing treatment at Delhi for last 6 months, but my daughter advised me...

Patient Name: Mr. Indra Kanta Saikia (Patient from Assam, underwent Sigmoid Colectomy)

Testimonials By: Mr. Indra Kanta Saikia


March, 2019

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The pain was unbearable, but then I met Dr. Rajendra

I am Ms. Sahana Patil from Thalikote. My both legs were swollen and with each...

Patient Name: Ms. Sahana Patil (suffering from Lymphedema)

Testimonials By: Ms. Sahana Patil

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