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January, 2017

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Dr Sreekanth Shetty is one of the best cardiologist in

My dad had a heart attack and we moved him to an emergency under Dr. Sreekanth...

Treatment: Heart Attack Treatment

Patient Name: Mr. Abhinav (Son)


December, 2016

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Mulla Ifran Shares his experience after the shoulder surgery by

I am Mulla Irfan. I come from Udupi. I have had pain in my right...

Treatment: Arthroscopic Surgery

Patient Name: Mulla Irfan


December, 2016

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To the best doctor in the world. Dr Shantanu

I would like to seize this opportunity to write to you to show my greatest...

Treatment: Eardrum Surgery

Patient Name: Najeeb Mohammed


December, 2016

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I owe very much to Dr. Sadiq Sikora and his

Every member in this hospital has been kind and encouraging. I owe very much to...

Treatment: Gastrointestinal Surgery

Patient Name: R. Sethuraman


December, 2016

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Dr Sadiq Sikora is the best gastro surgeon

Hanuman ji is more prayed than Lord Rama. Likewise, Dr. Sadiq Sikora is giving good...

Treatment: Gastrointestinal Surgery

Patient Name: Dr J L Upadhyay DDU Gorakhpur university, UP ( Retired )

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