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September, 2020

patient testimonial on general complications following foot surgery

Patient Testimonial On General Complications Following Foot Surgery

Dr Vybhav Deraje speaks about the complications and surgery of the foot, Amal had to ...

Treatment: Foot Surgery

Patient Name: Amal

Testimonials By: Amal


June, 2020

an umbilical hernia surgery

Umbilical Hernia Surgery Testimonial By Patient Sushmita

I had divarication of recti with an umbilical hernia that made me bloated and looks ...

Treatment: Umbilical Hernia Surgery

Patient Name: Sushmita

Testimonials By: Sushmita


December, 2019

We Believe the Doctor Will Do the Best for The Patient

Earlier he weighed 215 kgs so he had trouble sitting and walking around. The condition ...

Patient Name: Mohsin Sharief

Testimonials By: Ayesha Fathima


September, 2019

Smooth experience with the Dermatology department at Sakra World Hospital

“Initially had an appointment with the Dermatologist, smooth registration, no long waiting time. After a ...


April, 2019

Eye Problem -Sakra World Hospital

I had difficulty opening my left eye.. thanks to Dr. Rajendra for resolving my 2 year old problem

I have been visiting this hospital for last 5 yrs. for Preventive Health checkup. During ...

Patient Name: Mr. P. Srinivasa Moorthy (Patient underwent Excision with local flap)

Testimonials By: Mr. P. Srinivasa Moorthy


March, 2019

Sakra patients Testimonials

The pain was unbearable, but then I met Dr. Rajendra

I am Ms. Sahana Patil from Thalikote. My both legs were swollen and with each ...

Patient Name: Ms. Sahana Patil (suffering from Lymphedema)

Testimonials By: Ms. Sahana Patil


February, 2019

It is a blessing for me that I could get treated by such a doctor

Initially I was having primary lymphedema, so I had a swelling in the ankle of ...

Patient Name: Ms. Swathi Rao (suffering from Lymphedema)

Testimonials By: Ms. Swathi Rao


February, 2019

testimonials by mrs nadia abdul jalil

Treated my son with kindness and care

I'm mother of patient Mohammed Najeeb, he came here to Sakra World Hospital & was ...

Patient Name: Mohammed Najeeb (suffering Nasal Deformity)

Testimonials By: Mrs. Nadia Abdul Jalil


March, 2017

Sakra Patients Testimonials - Best Plastic Surgeons in Bangalore | Cosmetic Surgeons in Bangalore India

I highly recommend Sakra world Hospital for Cosmetic Surgery

My name is Angelina Garcia and I am have been in India for over one ...

Treatment: Cosmetic Surgery

Patient Name: Angelina Garcia

Location: USA


November, 2016

Hypertelorism Treatment in India

Baby Rafan Kibria Underwent 1st Stage of Hypertelorism Correction

I am Mohammad Kibria from Bangladesh. I came here for the treatment of my son Rafan Kibria ...

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