Baby Boy from Bangladesh Undergoes his 1st Stage Hypertelorism Correction
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November, 2016

Baby Rafan Kibria Underwent 1st Stage of Hypertelorism Correction

I am Mohammad Kibria from Bangladesh. I came here for the treatment of my son Rafan Kibria who was born with Hypertelorism and needs multiple craniofacial surgeries. Since birth he has missing lips, palate and nose and there is big gap between his eyes, for which he will require multiple surgeries over a period of time. He has already undergone 2 surgeries in Bangladesh for the lips and the palate. We came here for his 3rd surgery which was a critical one that required closure of the gap between his eyes.

I had heard about a few doctors in India who had good experience in these kinds of surgeries. So before coming here, I approached various doctors in India for the same. After speaking to various doctors, I got a very positive response from Dr.Derick Mendonca, who replied very well to all my emails and queries. From the beginning, he was very confident about this procedure and when I looked up on the internet about him, I got to know a lot about his vast experience and expertise in this field. Dr. Derick clearly explained to me everything about the surgery and advised me on how to proceed or the same. Following his advice, I applied for the Visa for India and arrived here on 10th of Nov. on the 16th of Nov. the surgery got completed and I am very satisfied with the results. The doctor has been very helpful and the whole staff including the nurses and others have been very co-operative. I am really satisfied with the all the facilities at Sakra, eg. the nurses are very regular for medications, the nutritionists have regularly visited and advised special diet to my son.

Thank you

Mohammad Kibria

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