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March, 2017

I highly recommend Sakra world Hospital for Cosmetic Surgery

Sakra Patients Testimonials - Best Plastic Surgeons in Bangalore | Cosmetic Surgeons in Bangalore India

My name is Angelina Garcia and I am have been in India for over one month doing business. I asked one of my associates here in India I am doing business with, about plastic surgery and he highly recommended Sakra World Hospital and told me that it was the best here in Bangalore. So the first time I visited here I was extremely pleased with the cleanliness at the hospital and everything was very organized. All the employees are extremely nice, very helpful and they also have a small lounge for the international patients, where you can sit and get your estimates and wait for appointments and they actually walk you through every appointment.

Initially I consulted with Dr. Derick Mendonca and Dr. Venkat with my son who was interested in doing a small surgery to take out his love handles, so basically it was a small liposuction. It was an outpatient surgery and everything was perfect, they did an amazing job and my son is extremely happy. The following week I met with them again and they basically gave me a diagnosis of what they saw and how they thought they could improve the things that I needed as I told them what I would like to see different in my face. What I really liked about them was that they were very realistic, they weren’t giving me any false expectations. They told me they could improve the area under my eyes and they recommended a small eye brow lift. Something that really bothered me was the neck so they told me exactly how it was going to look like. So I was very confident about what they said and felt at ease.

After I made the decision, they gave me an estimate of the price which was very reasonable compared to US from where I belong. The price was very attractive, so finally I came back and had my surgery. Everything went as planned and I could actually leave the same day but then I decided to stay because of the level of service I got. I was put in a private room and the nurses especially the first nurse who attended me, her name was Ancy. It was just amazing the level of service, there were literally 5-6 people at my call day and night just asking me if I needed something and made sure I didn’t have any pain.

I was extremely impressed with the level of service. From the person cleaning the room to the person bringing the food to the nurses – everybody is very nice and very caring, always asking how I feel and what I need. Whenever I would call a nurse they would be here in less than a minute and that’s why I decided to stay so many days. I should have actually left the first night, but I have been here 4 nights and extremely spoiled. I have loved it here, I highly recommend Sakra world Hospital. I’m in love with the doctors the nurses, the level of service, I am very impressed and highly recommend it. “


Treatment Undergone: Cosmetic Surgery

Patient Name: Angelina Garcia

Location: USA

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