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February, 2019

It is a blessing for me that I could get treated by such a doctor

Initially I was having primary lymphedema, so I had a swelling in the ankle of my leg.

I was advised to consult with Dr. Rajendra. After meeting him I was advised to look at scans. Reports suggested that I have to go through a small micro-surgery to clear the blockage.

Post - surgery, after a month we came for follow up and the swelling had come down to 20% -30%. We had another scan and it clearly said that more than 98% fat was accumulated. And then doctor suggested that I can go for Lymphedema reduction surgery. I had undergone the same procedure earlier for a couple of times and now there is only 5% of the swelling left. We are grateful to Dr. Rajendra.

The procedure was very short but very complicated, and Dr Rajendra assured me that there would be 100% positive outcome. He was very polite and very helpful. He was always available when there was an emergency.

It is a blessing for me that I could get treated by such a doctor

Patient Name: Ms. Swathi Rao (suffering from Lymphedema)

Testimonials By: Ms. Swathi Rao


Dr. Rajendra S Gujjalanavar

HOD & Senior Consultant - Plastic Surgery
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