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  1. Dialysis
    1. Maintenance haemodialysis
    2. Acute haemodialysis
    3. SLEDD
    4. Peritoneal dialysis (CAPD)
    5. Plasmapheresis
  2. Interventional nephrology and fistula salvage procedures
    1. Acute dialysis catheters
    2. Permacath insertions
    3. Kidney biopsies
    4. Avfistula creation
    5. Avgraft creation
    6. Fistulograms and AVF salvage procedures- thrombolysis
  3. Kidney transplantation, interventional nephrology and fistula salvage procedures
    1. Living related
    2. Deceased Donor
    3. SWAP transplant
    4. ABO incompatable
  4. Preventive nephrology and screening programme

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Dr. Sushma Rani Raju

Senior Consultant - Nephrology

Dr. Gowrugari Venu Madhav

Senior Consultant Nephrology


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