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What is a hemangioma?

A hemangioma is a type of birthmark and vascular abnormality and is the most common benign (non-cancerous) tumour of the skin. Port-wine stain, “strawberry hemangiomas” and salmon patch are all “hemangiomas.”


While they may be very faint or invisible at birth, most hemangiomas grow rapidly after birth. Over time, they become smaller and lighter in colour. The process of involution may take several years.


A clinical evaluation is called for.


Treatment for hemangiomas depends upon their size, location, and severity. Treatment is usually not recommended for small, non-invasive hemangiomas as they will become smaller on their own. Hemangiomas that cause bleeding problems, feeding or breathing difficulties, growth disturbances, or impairment of vision may require medical or surgical intervention.

Treatment may include the following:

  • steroid medications
  • Beta-Blockers - Propronalol
  • embolization of the blood vessels (injection of material into the blood vessels to block the blood inflow)
  • laser or surgical removal

What is a Birthmark?

Most birthmarks are harmless and require no treatments. They are discolourations on the face or other parts of the body. Among the most common are strawberry hemangioma-red in colour, soft and raised; port-wine stains– purple-red in colour; and salmon patches, or nevus simplex (also known as “stork bites”) –salmon-coloured patches that appear on 50 to 70 per cent of healthy newborns.


Visible marks on, a discolorization of the skin that appears at birth or within several months of birth.


Clinical evaluation.


Some birthmarks may grow and then fade. Many birthmarks are harmless and require no medical treatment. Laser treatment can be used to treat port-wine stains. New rashes should be evaluated.

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