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What is Awake Craniotomy?

Awake craniotomy is a highly specialized neurosurgical procedure in which the patient remains awake for a specific period of time or until the surgery is completed.

When is the procedure recommended?

Awake craniotomy is performed in the following conditions:

  • For specific types of seizures which cannot be controlled on medication
  • For tumors or lesions situated in areas of the brain responsible for movement or speech
  • For treatment of Parkinson’s disease or tremors where deep brain stimulation is carried out
  • In surgery for stiffness
  • In some procedures for depression and other psychiatric conditions.

The procedure is an elegant method of preserving brain function, even in the most sensitive areas yet allowing the surgeon to remove a part or the whole tumor.

What are the advantages of an awake craniotomy?

Awake craniotomies are:

PAINLESS: no pain, or discomfort will be experienced. The anesthetic team at Sakra World Hospital ensures a smooth procedure and enhanced recovery.

SAFE: no risks to breathing or heart are tolerated. There is full monitoring during the surgery

ELEGANT: Not only does the procedure preserve function but it allows the neurosurgeon to deal with pathologies in areas of the brain considered taboo until recently. These procedures have revolutionized neurosurgery and reduced postoperative complications such as paralysis and loss of speech.

LIFE-RENEWING: Surgery for Parkinson’s disease as well as other chronic ailments including psychiatric conditions were considered impossible till now. With the event of awake surgeries, new avenues of therapy have opened for those who were in deep pain and suffering, allowing then to live fuller and happier lives.

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