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November, 2019

Computer Navigation Assisted Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Computer-assisted surgery (CAS) is used in ENT surgery since 1986 allowing intraoperative navigation for ENT surgeons leveraging digital imaging data like CT, MRT, etc. Owing to higher precision, this is one of the most successful surgical methods

Computers process the images as the surgeon performs the procedure & navigate around sensitive areas of ear, nose & throat using a connected measuring system. Since the areas or landmarks of the surgery are delicate & narrow for patients of sinonasal diseases, CAS navigation helps with preoperative surgical planning & guides the surgeon during the operation.

Sakra World Hospital located in Marathahalli comprises of Best ENT surgeons who are highly experienced to perform a CAS endoscopic sinus surgery by inserting an endoscope, which is a small tube with a camera attached to the end of it, into the nasal cavity through a nostril. With the images captured by the camera, the surgeons navigate around, to detect abnormalities in the sinus area & remove or reposition them with precision instruments. 

Being one of the best multispeciality hospitals in Bangalore, CAS sinus surgery involves the following:

1. Local or General Anesthesia.

2. Insertion of the Endoscope.

3. Tissue Repositioning or Resection.

4. Recovery.

The benefits of endoscopic sinus surgery with assisted computer navigations are:

1. Decreased surgical time

2. Less damage to normal structure

3. Minimally invasive.

4. Less tissue removal.

5. Lesser bleeding post-op.

6. Fewer complications.

7. Long term results

8. Minimal pain.

9. No scarring of the nose.

For patients with chronic sinus complications, when medicine hasn’t yielded many results or there is no relief, CAS sinus surgery is the right choice for the conditions such Revision sinus surgery, Nasal polyps, Chronic sinusitis that lasts for three months or more and Sinonasal tumour surgery, where normal surgery landmarks are often distorted.

Sakra World Hospital in Bangalore has a team of the Best ENT doctors & staff who are adept in performing Computer Navigation Assisted Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Although the endoscopic procedures make the science of it all easier, we pride ourselves on being anatomically thorough & aim to deliver the best patient care. 


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