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July, 2020

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Mrs. Jayashree

Mrs Jayashree who was diagnosed with Acute pancreatitis shares her journey with the disease and...

Treatment: Acute Pancreatitis

Patient Name: Mrs. Jayashree

Testimonials By: Mrs. Jayashree


June, 2020

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Umbilical Hernia Surgery Testimonial By Patient Sushmita

I had divarication of recti with an umbilical hernia that made me bloated and looks...

Treatment: Umbilical Hernia Surgery

Patient Name: Sushmita

Testimonials By: Sushmita


June, 2020

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Patient Review For Dr Shantanu Tandon

Dear Dr Shantanu,

Wish to mention that we visited you on 02 Jun 20 at Sakra...

Treatment: Video Laryngoscopy

Patient Name: Manju Mitra

Testimonials By: Manju Mitra


May, 2020

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I am greatful for Ms Jamaica for helping us during


April, 2020

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Divya Express Her Gratitude Towards Dr Deepak For Helping Her

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