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January, 2018

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Testimonial from Patient Attender, Dipali Agarwal for F&B Team

People In charge: Mr. Chandru Kumar and Mr. Naresh
The F&B team was very helpful...

Patient Name: Namita Agarwal

Testimonials By: Dipali Agarwal


November, 2017

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I am grateful to Dr. Sadiq Sikora and Dr. Kishore

Dear Dr. Sadiq Sikora, Dr. Kishore and the entire team.
 I am grateful to you...

Treatment: Gallbladder Surgery

Testimonials By: Anita Patil


August, 2017

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Thanks a lot Team for Giving Me a New Life

Dr. Sushma Rani, Dr. Venu Reddy & Dialysis Team

THANK YOU For being on the front...

Treatment: Kidney Transplant

Patient Name: Sanpreeth Singh

Testimonials By: Sanpreeth Singh


June, 2017

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Complete Elbow Reconstruction by Dr Banarji

Mr. Basam, from Yemen came to Sakra World Hospital with a gunshot injury in his...

Treatment: Complete Elbow Reconstruction

Patient Name: Mr. Basam


June, 2017

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Dr. Banarji is the best doctor I have ever visited

Dr. Banarji is the best doctor I have ever visited till now. He is just...

Treatment: Shoulder arthroscopy

Patient Name: Babulal Mallick

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