April, 2018

my Dad calls it a five star treatment

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A heart attack is a major shock in life and when my Dad (77 years old) had one; we wanted to make sure that he had the best care available. His Angiography showed he had blockages in all three arteries and the main artery had a sequence of five blockages. We have been going to Sakra since its inception and met with Dr. Sreekanth Shetty for advice to explore the possibility of having stents sort out the issue. Dr. Shetty was candid in saying that a stent would be futile for the series of blocks but would work perfectly for the other two arteries with the single blocks. He was also certain that an open heart bypass would be a health risk at his age. He along with Dr Adil Sadiq worked out a unique Hybrid procedure where Dad would have the main artery blockage sequence bypassed with the minimally invasive LIMA LAD surgery, given a few weeks for Dad to gain his strength and then follow through in a few weeks with stents.

 We are delighted that this worked out so beautifully. Dad underwent LIMA LAD with Dr. Adil and then two weeks later Dr Shetty did the stent procedure. Both the steps were executed flawlessly. More importantly Dr. Shetty and Dr. Adil have been available on phone and to meet without any anxious waiting that accompanies such a procedure. The staff and care in the ICU, CCU and the rooms have been exceptional – my Dad calls it a five star treatment.

 Thanks Sakra for making this physically and mentally tough situation into such a pleasant experience.

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