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April, 2017

Thanks To Dr Banarji B H he is the best shoulder surgeon in Bangalore

Hi my name is Justin I’m 28 years old from south Africa, I’ve always led a pretty active live and a year ago during a sports office day there during a game of volleyball I noticed there was quite a bit of pain in my shoulder so I went and saw Dr. Banarji from Sakra World Hospital. I thought I just had a pinched nerve but, he suggested after doing a few tests that I go for an MRI and the MRI Showed that I had actually developed a cyst due to labrum tear in the shoulder and it was pushing the nerve bundle, which was causing a lack of power of movement in my shoulder so he suggested surgery.

I went for the arthroscopic surgery to decompress the cyst get the labrum repaired. About three months after that I started a bit of physic and a bit of gym, in seven months after the surgery I actually started playing badminton and that’s actually when I realized that I needed to do something more because I had very little power in my shots there was a lot of pain in the movement.

So the beginning of this year, which was 10 months after the surgery, I went back to Dr. Banarji, he said that I need to come back to Sakra and finish off with the physiotherapy and we’ve done lot of strengthening activities as well as throwing activities and racket activities along with physiotherapy, there was also the mental side I became very conscious of keeping my shoulder immobilized in all my activities and I can say now I’m probably I have about ninety percent mobility and 95% strength of my left and during some of the activities you can tell the difference.

So all in all my surgery starting with Dr. Banerji all the way to the evaluations has been brilliant the performance of this place and the professionalism of the place is second to none.

I have a friend in south Africa who is an orthopedic surgeon and he was also very pleased and impressed with the results in the place here and I definitely recommend Sakra World Hospital to anybody.

Thanks for saving my shoulder

Treatment: Arthroscopic Should Surgery

Patient Name: Justin Louckx

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Location: South Africa

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