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October, 2018

Testimonials by Mr Reddy

Sakra Patients Review

Concerning the shoulder dislocation I consulted Dr Nataraj H M. I am so pleased by his method of interacting with me and the way he explained the problem with my shoulder and how he would repair it. He is so well versed and experienced  in the field of orthopaedic surgery that one can trust him for any of their problems concerning orthopaedics. Arthroscopic keyhole surgery was done to my shoulder and he assisted me personally with all the post-physiotheraphic exercises as well to make my shoulder back on track. Now I'm able to move around my shoulder and play like ever before. I'm so thankful to him and I recommend him personally for all those with any sort of orthopaedic problem.

Treatment Undergone: Arthroscopic Bankart repair+ remplisage (key hole surgery)

Patient Name: Karthik Reddy

Testimonials By: Mr Karthik Reddy

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