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April, 2018

Testimonial by Vaijayanthi

Brain Meningioma Treatment

My mother had a brain meningioma. We moved to Sakra Hospital and met Dr. Satish Rudrappa. He told us to do the surgery and took care of my mom very well and he did the surgery well. After the surgery my mom is feeling well and we are also very happy. All credit goes to Dr. Satish Rudrappa sir and we are happy to say this. Dr. Rudrappa is a good and kind person. He took care of us and so I would like to give my thanks to the doctors and hospital staff. Personally I say thank you very Dr. Satish Rudrappa sir for giving my mom back to me.Thank you very much sir. 


Dr. Satish Rudrappa

Director - Neurosciences
Head of Spine Surgery & Neurosurgery
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