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April, 2018

Testimonial by Mrs. Sheela

Giant Brain Aneurysm Treatment in Bangalore

My mother had a giant brain aneurysm on the left side of the brain. However it was accidentally found and we has time to search for a good doctor. We found Dr. Satish R and Dr. Swaroop’s reviews via social media. Meanwhile we also got very good feedback from their patients. Both the doctors are good in their field and know how to approach and talk to the patient. Surgery went well and mom is doing fine except for headache which is gradually reducing. During the process, Dr. Swaroop conducted D&A first and then consulted us to opine on the type of treatment (coiling vs clipping). Post surgery also, doctors met us to let us know everything was fine. In the ICU and even in the ward, doctors were caring and met mom everyday. 
We would definitely recommend both the doctors for any neuroscience related issues, plus even the hospital for its facilities and staff members.


Dr. Satish Rudrappa

Director - Neurosciences
Head of Spine Surgery & Neurosurgery

Dr. Swaroop Gopal

Director - Neuro Sciences
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