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March, 2017

Special heartful thanks to Dr. Satish Rudrapa and Dr. Swaroop Gopal

Best Neurosurgeons in Bangalore - Sakra World Hospital

Thought it is important to share this post as it might be helpful to anyone out there. My dad was suffering from severe back pain since August 2016, after an evening hike. He thought the pain would come down after taking rest. But, it didn't happen so. The pain became worse and in addition, his legs went numb. We took a scan and figured that he has got "nervous compression" in his lumbar (spine). We consulted almost all the top and local doctors in Bangalore they suggested that he needs to get a surgery done. Surgery! Spine! Screws! nope! That is risky and post surgery what?. Zillions of questions raised.

We thought and opted for all other options like Ayurveda, Neurotherapy, acupuncture, nadi vaydyam, Mysore homeopathy, Kerala oil, these gave only temporary relief. Trying all these different treatments almost six months just passed away.

In January 2017, Dad had a sudden fall as his legs went completely numb! We took another scan and found that the spine has been further damaged! We decided to go ahead with the surgery, as we did not have any other options left and did not want to take the risk to experiment because any further delay the nerves will get completely compressed and if it gets damaged the person will get paralyzed.

After a thorough check on different hospitals, we decided to go ahead with "Sakra World Hospital", Bellandur. It is a Japanese and Indian collaboration. The name means "Sakura" a pink flower that blooms in spring season in Japan. We consulted Dr. Satish Rudrapa and Dr. Swaroop Gopal, both spine experts. They explained us clearly about the medical condition and also gave us the confidence to go ahead with the surgery. The surgery was planned on February 27th, 2017. Right from day one till the discharge the service was amazing. The admission process was simple and not tedious. Superb infrastructure right from basement parking. The wards were very hygiene and tidy. Feedbacks were taken very seriously. Canteen was really good with good menu at affordable prices. They provide care takers who help the patients to go to washroom, take shower and change clothes. They provide service for grooming the patients like shaving, hair cut etc. Amazing attention in the ICU. Perfect diet food supplied on time for patients. Caring nurses.

Post surgery physiotherapy was provided and the physiotherapists were very encouraging. Most important "final bill". I was expecting a bomb! But, the amount was pretty less when compared to other hospitals and worth it!. Result! My dad was able to walk at a slow pace the third day after surgery! His back pain has come down drastically and numbness has gone completely. Now on recovering phase with physiotherapy and strict diet. To continue with regular check ups.

Special heartful thanks to Dr. Satish Rudrapa, Dr. Swaroop Gopal, Mrs. Bindu, Miss Vinuta, Sister Mini, Sister Banri, Sister Ramya Xavior, Brother Hemanth, Brother Biswajit, Physiotherapist Suresh and the entire Security guards, staff and nurses of Sakra!😊😊😊😊 Thanks again #DrSatishRudrapa #yourock

Treatment Undergone: Spine Surgery

Location: Bangalore


Dr. Satish Rudrappa

Director - Neurosciences
Head of Spine Surgery & Neurosurgery

Dr. Swaroop Gopal

Director - Neuro Sciences
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