Ray of Hope - Sudharani's experience with IVF
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June, 2019

Ray of hope - Sudharani's experience with IVF

IVF Experience

When my wife and I met with Dr.Sapna, her words “give us an opportunity to show you the success” were strong and sounded like a ray of hope. It played a decisive role in stopping us from going elsewhere. Dr.Anubha was so significant in providing useful information about IVF and was always in touch with us until our treatment ended. She was so caring. We also thank the doctor who flew from Mumbai and played a vital role in IVF's success. It is important to mention the other staffs who were also very kind, caring and helpful. Eventually, the entire team closed the curtains on our 8 years problem of not having children. Our life was filled with agony, humiliation, trauma, depression and dismay. It has now turned to happiness, joy & delight. The word “good news” for which we waited for almost a decade, now sounds great.

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