Pregnancy and delivery experience at Sakra World Hospital


May, 2019

Pregnancy and delivery experience at Sakra

Pregnancy and delivery experience

My pregnancy and delivery experience has been wonderful. I delivered a baby girl at Sakra World Hospital last December. It was a normal delivery. This would not have been possible if my gynecologist doctor Prabha wasn't determined that I should have a normal delivery.  I am really grateful to her and her team for the same. It was my doctor who advised me to attend the prenatal classes at Sakra conducted by Doctor Shalini. Honestly, I had no clue about these classes and was initially reluctant to attend it. If it hadn't been for Doctor Shalini, I would have never known about the amazing pain coping strategies during the delivery. Words can't express my gratitude towards Doc Shalini for all her efforts on the day of my delivery. She ensured she canceled all her appointments for that day just to be with me and support me from the start of my labour till she saw my baby. I couldn't have imagined myself having a normal delivery without the support of Doc Prabha and Doc Shalini. Sakra has was always been our choice for my delivery owing to its facilities and supportive staff. My 9 months journey has been really a blessed one and we thank Sakra, it's doctors and staff for the beautiful memories.

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