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July, 2016

Now i can walk without a stick and people around me are surprised to see my improvement

 Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Dear Sir,

This mail is just to express our gratitude for the excellent job Dr.Chandrashekhar and his team did for us. I underwent a “Total Hip Replacement Surgery” on 2nd Sept. 2014 and my wife’s “Knee Replacement Surgery” about four months back at your hospital. I feel excellent. I am walking on the road without a stick – almost after three years. I walk about 4 kms a day in two instalments. People on the street look to me in awe – as they had been used to see me with a walking stick – that too limping. Now they come and shake my hands. I always mention Dr.Chandrashekhar’s name and tell them what a great hospital Sakra is. I have seen many hospitals in India and abroad. When somebody gets into the Sakra premises, it feels like they are in an American hospital! Thank you very much. We are healthy and well because of the treatment we underwent at your hospital. May God bless you all.

G.K. Raman(husband and wife total knee and total hip replacement)



Dr. Chandrashekar P.

Director - Orthopaedics
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