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July, 2016

Now I am absolutely alright and i can easily do all my routine work

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Dear Doctor, Things were not at all easy for me. In 1992, I was caught in the cruel hands of a severe disease known as osteoarthritis. I was not in a position to do any physical work, cursing myself as well as my family, which consisted of my husband and two little children. The disease initially confined to shoulder ache and arm ache, but gradually it extended to the whole body joints creating deformity in knees, fingers etc. I consulted a senior physician and started taking prescribed tablets and tonics etc. for quite some years but could not find any concrete result. My condition deteriorated day by day, creating side effects as well. I tried all types of medicines. I felt some relief felt for a while but soon the disease took its horrible size and length. Not only could I not walk, but it was becoming impossible for me to even move, stand up or get off a chair/bed. For each and every matter I had to depend upon somebody in my family, because I was suffering from severe arthritis/osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. I was totally on bed rest for the first 15 months and even went into depression thinking I wont be cured. I came to Bangalore where my son is working. We consulted Dr.Chandrashekhar P. (A famous orthopaedic surgeon at Sakra World). He examined me thoroughly and advised me not to be panic. Though underweight, I was mentally strong and hopeful for a better and healthy life. Dr and his team were very motivating and positive. Dr. Chandrashekhar P. operated/replaced both deformed knees on the same day - 16th may 2014. It proved to be a life changing day for me. After 10 days, I was discharged from the hospital but was put under strict observation. After doing physiotherapy for a stipulated time, now I am absolutely alright, easily doing all my routine work and can now walk at a stretch for 1-2 kms. I travelled also after the surgery without any difficulty and help. Everyone who’s seen me before and after the surgery are shocked and surprise. So Dr Chandrashekhar P and Sakra World Hospital gave me a new life and I am very much grateful for the service offered to me. A 1000 salutes to Dr Chandrashekhar and Sakra Hopsipal for advising, guiding and motivating me. Thanks to all

Ketki C. Kanasara


Dr. Chandrashekar P.

Director - Orthopaedics
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