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May, 2019

My lungs had collapsed and I almost lost all hope before pulmonary rehabilitation at Sakra

pulmonary rehabilitation

My name is Ayesha. I would like to share my experience on pulmonary rehabilitation sessions I have been going through since last 2 months. I am actually a patient of Dr. Sachin Kumar at your hospital. I have been diagnosed with bronchiectasis and the right lower lobe of my lungs collapsed  Dr. Sachin Kumar briefed me about your pulmonary rehabilitation centre and the benefits of the sessions. He asked me to meet Dr. Komal Agarwal.

I have been having a wonderful experience with Dr. Komal. She is efficient and professional and at the same time she is very friendly. She made me feel fully comfortable. Even in her busy schedule she is always reachable whenever I tried to contact her. Sometimes due to her busy schedule she handed me over to her other colleagues. But she made sure that I get the same attention and care as she used to give. I had a wonderful experience with all of them. And I really felt the difference after I started taking up the sessions. My 6 min walk test that was performed at the start and at the 10th session showed a great difference and I am pleased about it. Though my basic problem is still sometimes reappearing, I felt refreshed and energetic after each session. My exercise tolerance level has also improved. 

Since I am satisfied with the sessions I planned to continue for a few more sessions after the course is over. 

I am really thankful to you Sir and your entire team and my special thanks to Dr. Komal. 

Best Regards, 


Dr. Sachin Kumar

Senior Consultant - Pulmonology & Critical Care Medicine
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