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May, 2017

Ms. Pushpavati- Least Invasive Cardiac Surgery by Dr. Adil Sadiq

Dr. Adil’s patient- Pushpavati

“My mother, when she was in her village developed some pain in her chest. We took her to a general physician, initially, it was diagnosed as a gastric trouble but after 10 days of medication, it did not get better. Then we consulted a cardiologist in Guntur, and through an angiogram, she was diagnosed with 3 blocks in her arteries, and one was almost 90% blocked. We were in a dilemma for quite some time for where to get the treatment done, and then I insisted for her to come to Bangalore.  We consulted 4-5 doctors in the city and while I was searching for a good doctor I came across Dr. Adil Sadiq’s profile on the internet. Then I brought her here for a consultation and after meeting him, my mother clearly said that if she had to undergo a surgery it will be only under Dr. Adil Sadiq. Definitely, it is the way that he explains everything and the way he made her feel comfortable, which is very important, was the prime reason that we did not have any second thoughts and went ahead with the surgery. The surgery went well, and even after the surgery the experience with all the doctors and the whole team along with the support staff was really good. My mother always praised the nurses and every day had a new story about how everyone took good care of her. The stay in the hospital was very comfortable and now it is almost 3 weeks and she has recovered pretty well. It was a really comfortable experience I would say.”-

“We met 4-5 doctors when I first developed the heart problem. But when we came to see Dr. Adil, his knowledge, treatment methodology, the way he speaks and cares for his patients completely convinced me to undergo this surgery only under him. The operation was successful. The entire cardiac team is excellent including Dr. Ravichandra and Dr. Sunil. The nursing staff is also very good and caring. Tarangini is an amazing person guides you throughout the process. The hospital is very good. I never felt worried about the operation and had no doubts after speaking to Dr. Adil. Which is why I decided to do the operation here. It’s been 20 days since I got operated. I’m doing well now and my health has improved a lot.”- Mrs. Pushpavati 

Treatment: Least Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Patient Name: Ms. Pushpavati

Testimonials By: Mr. Ravi Kumar (son)

Location: Guntur - Andra Pradesh

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