Arthroscopy Treatment in Bangalore | Shoulder Replacement Surgery


August, 2016

Many Thanks for Successful Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Arthroscopy Treatment in Bangalore | Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Dear Dr.Banarji,

Many thanks for the successful operation conducted on my left shoulder.It has indeed given me a tremendous relief from pain with which I have been living for more than six months.

Initially, I went to another hospital & did physiotherapy but didn't get any relief.Thereafter, I consulted you at SAKRA WORLD HOSPITAL & at the first instance itself, they could recognize the problem. 

After MRI, it was certain that surgery was required & without wasting anytime we agreed for it because of various personal circumstances.

The surgery followed by suggested post-operative care was indeed helpful to recover myself about 95% within two weeks. 

I am now able to drive a car, except lifting of heavy load with left hand. Meanwhile, I am continuing with suggested exercises to achieve 100% fitness of the operated left shoulder.

Once again, many thanks & wish you more successes with various surgeries which you will perform in future.

Purba Baral
Sobha Iris,Bangalore


Dr. Banarji B.H

Senior Consultant - Orthopedics
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