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May, 2017

I would definitely recommend Dr. Adil Sadiq to anyone who has a heart problem

Dr. Adil Sadiq - Best cardiac surgeon in Bangalore

My mother was facing dizziness and uneasiness for around a week before we reached out to heart centers and cardiologists. We met a few doctors in Delhi before we reached out for Dr. Adil Sadiq. We got to know about him via the internet when we were searching for another type of CABG surgery – the LIS surgery. LIS would take a lot less time and was a better option than the regular surgery. We read about it and then flew down to meet Dr.Adil Sadiq at Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore, and took his views on the LIS surgery for our mother’s condition. He gave us a lot of confidence about the LIS surgery and made all of us feel very comfortable that this was the right thing to do for my mother given the double vessel disease she was having.

The way he explained everything, made us feel very comfortable. It took one day before the surgery to do the basic investigations and 3 days post-surgery to get her back to almost normal. The stitches are still there, but she is recovering very fast. Considering the fact that earlier, people who had a CABG surgery used to take almost 2 months to recover, my mother is walking normally on the 3rd day itself. It is the 7th day now, she has recovered very fast and we are very satisfied with that.

During the 3 days post-surgery, she was treated very well by the nursing staff and other staff at the hospital had also been very supportive. Every doctor was easily accessible on call or WhatsApp, and whenever we had any queries or if there was a swelling or any minor issues, all the doctors were available and would revert to our concerns very fast. So the comfort the doctors gave us on call or in person was something that gave us the belief that this was the right thing to do.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Adil Sadiq to anyone who has a heart problem


Treatment Undergone: Least Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Patient Name: Ms. Shakuntla Rani

Testimonials By: Mr. Hitesh (Son)

Location: Delhi


Dr. Adil Sadiq

Head & Senior Consultant - Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery
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